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My first commission, and my first completed non-lathe project from the shop. :)

(Also, before anyone asks, my policy is to keep the names of people who commission me for something confidential unless told otherwise.)

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100 Things: #35

Ever wonder why we always solve for X in algebra?  Well, it's because algebra was invented in the Middle East, and the character that equations solved for was, roughly, "sh".  This sound is a single character in Arabic.  When algebra entered Europe through Moorish Spain, Arabic characters were changed to Spanish characters, and in Spanish there is no single character for "sh".  So, X was substituted.  That's why we always solve for X.
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100 Things: #34

The twin chest-length beards of Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill of ZZ Top was not deliberate.  The band took a two-year break, and when they finally got together after that period they had discovered that the two of them had, quite independently of each other, grown out their facial hair.  Oddly enough, the drummer, whose name is Frank Beard, came back clean-shaven.
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100 Things: #33

The Voyager 1 spacecraft was only expected to continue functioning until it got to Saturn in 1980.  Instead, it is currently about to leave the Solar System entirely and is still sending back data.  It is currently expected to finally run out of power in 2025-2030, some 45 to 50 years longer than expected.
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100 Things: #30

Despite their names, in the ancient world Upper Egypt was in the south and Lower Egypt was in the north.  They were named after their position along the Nile rather than their geographic position -- Upper Egypt was upriver from Lower Egypt.